Life in my 30's

Buffalo Stuffed Chicken—Food Diary Anyone?

So, I don’t think I have the dedication to do a food blog. There are TONS out there and I don’t have anything original up my sleeve. Most times, I do … Continue reading

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Who Says NO to earning Extra $$

For two days ONLY—I have a GREAT incentive to the next 2 people to sign on as promoters!  Help my team promote healthy living through the 90 Day Challenge! “Use … Continue reading

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Reaching for Help

So, I’m sure many of my FB followers are tired of hearing about this, but ahhh well.  I fractured the 5th metatarsal in my left foot hursday morning. After finding out … Continue reading

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Originally posted on To Be Aware:
Wow—thought provoking stuff. And sadly I can relate—-funny how we take the lie—and allow itself to keep manifesting itself until it destroys all beauty in the present! Great blog! To … Continue reading

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Don’t Get me Wrong—I Love Food

As a promoter of anything in life, and with ViSalus—I try to give everyone the real deal (my opinion anyway) 1.  I do not and will never say it is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on adawkrun:
This morning my alarm on my iphone went off with the familiar cricket chirp, I reached to turn it off, I rolled over and gave my…

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Shaved Head for Hungry Children

So, a great friend of mine from college helped plant this lil idea in my head as she joined forces with a cancer project—shaving her head for donations earned for … Continue reading

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