Life in my 30's

I Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’….Oh

That Vi Lovin Feelin’

I have officially and bravely decided to do a contest entry with ViSalus! That’s right baby! Gloves off and fist bumpin’! Got me a lil 1.5 mile walk in this morning, pulling my daughter in her wagon for a lil more resistance. Not too shabby for a fractured foot. Today is Day #1—-YES, the day before Thanksgiving. Not a big deal—I can’t handle eating too much of a good thing anyway—-plus eating low calorie today and exercising more to offset crazy recipes 🙂 Taking my walking shoes with me tomorrow too! Actually, my sister-in-law has recently gotten into jogging and marathons (cause of her sister) so she actually might can back me up for an after feasting walk. I still can’t jog so….sorry, no go there. I have a 5th metatarsal fracture in my Left foot in case you’re scratching your head. 90 days out and still in the boot. First 6 weeks it didn’t heal at all. Then I got approved for a bone stimulator because I have Type 2 Diabetes. 90 day appt the other day DID show some healing finally so at least I’m on the right track.

Anyhow, that lovin’ feeling? I need some help/tips/encouragement from others. Am I ready for all the truth? Probably not, but I’m sure people will bring it so I had better saddle up. Please go check out my page here:
Share this with your loved ones, be inspired, inspire someone else, and keep coming back for more updates.

Be blessed and Thankful…everyday, not just a holiday.


Bundled Up for Our Morning Walk


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