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Buffalo Stuffed Chicken—Food Diary Anyone?

So, I don’t think I have the dedication to do a food blog. There are TONS out there and I don’t have anything original up my sleeve. Most times, I do tweak things a lil bit. Many times because that’s my non-conforming side coming out and I love to experiment. Other times, because I don’t have the foods/spices in my house.

I had some extra time after prepping tonight’s dinner so I figured—what the heck–I’ll try some camera shots. I swear these blogs—I am suffocated and intoxicated by not only the recipes, but the pictures themselves.  I’m an artist at heart so the art of food preparation and the art of photographing food tantalized all of my senses.

I’m not really following any particular diet aside from my ViSalus shakes—I pull recipes from a lot of different sources.  Here lately though, I have fallen in LOVE with  Remember what I said about that artistry?  I am soooo jealous of Gina, but shhh…don’t tell her.  One of these days when I can tune things out and learn to take my time, I aspire to create great recipes like her and breathtaking photos as well.

So, here is my exciting recipe for tonight—-the anticipation is killing me.  Her recipe can be found here:

I didn’t have the most important part of the recipe: bleu cheese, but it’s not really a fave of mine anyway so I substituted low fat sour cream.  I used my zester to strip my carrot, and chopped up my scallions that I let grow  in my window, as found on Pinterest, right here:

So, first I took 3 thick chicken breasts and sliced them in half.  Then, I pounded them down even more so they could be easily rolled for cooking.   

I also didn’t have any reduced fat Ritz crackers so did a 1/2 and 1/2 coating mixture of Roasted Veggie Ritz crackers (8 of them and Italian bread crumbs)

     And again, I followed Gina’s recipe for the filling except I used low fat                   sour cream to tie it all together as I did not have bleu cheese, and I added 1/4 Colby Cheese in addition to the Sharp Cheddar.

Here is one chicken breast filled and ready to roll

Before placing in the oven.  I had a little filling left so I put a dollop on

top of my breasts.  My picky eater partner got a Buffalo version of Cordon Bleu.

No, I do not know how to ‘plate’ food.  Ha!  I was so hungry, and needed to increase my protein anyway so I had two helpings of the breasts.  And ladies and gents, here is my version of Buffalo Stuffed Chicken.

I also needed a lil extra kick so I added some more hot sauce after pulling from the oven and drizzled on light ranch dressing.  That extra kick of hot sauce and ranch dressing totally did the trick!

Happy eating and may you make a joyful noise with each bite!


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