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Reaching for Help

So, I’m sure many of my FB followers are tired of hearing about this, but ahhh well. 

I fractured the 5th metatarsal in my left foot hursday morning. After finding out I broke it, urgent care still sent me walking (felt the bones crunch and all). With my 2.5 year old girl in tow, I was seriously scared she would dart in the parking lot or something but thank you Jesus she did not. I hurt so bad- especially the 1st day. 

Come to find out, my fracture is mid-shaft vs an avulsion (easier healing). Not sure if it was an acute fracture or a stress fracture that finally snapped. I’m thinking acute. But anyhow, with my history of diabetes and the fact that this area already has very low blood supply- the doc was not confident my fracture would heal. But yet, I am in a boot and cannot bear any weight on my injured foot for 6 weeks when I get a follow up X-ray. I cannot do cardio anymore obviously, nor walk on treadmill- nothing to burn fat cardiovascular. 

My question is, what are some suggestions for staying in/getting in better shape since i cannot use both legs. Just hoping someone can point me in a video type instruction or the like of great exercises. When I feel more confident to drive, I am going back to the gym to at least lift some weights.

By the way- I broke my foot/toe in a more “dancer” function as I was trying to land a jumping left lunge my foot just crunched under me. So pissed as I had just bought new shoes and everything. I was pumpin it hard core that day :/. I am really going to miss it and my stress relief through exercise as I tend to be the bottle pent up personality. 

So the floor is yours everyone- suggest away 🙂 any advice and/or tips for injury and exercise are welcome. 








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