Life in my 30's

Don’t Get me Wrong—I Love Food

As a promoter of anything in life, and with ViSalus—I try to give everyone the real deal (my opinion anyway)

1.  I do not and will never say it is a cure-all.  I would never promote Vi or anything in such a manner.

2.  We still need to use this as a foundation to breaking old eating habits and forming new ones so as to change our lifestyle-     making it sustainable and manageable.

3.  We still MUST exercise.  I will never promote anything to you, stating to just pop this pill or drink this juice, and sit back and watch the magic take place.  That is not a lifestyle choice I would ever make, and I don’t believe it to be wise.

While I understand some people have an issue with not eating whole foods—-my response to that is—-we have ZERO clue as to what foods are actually being sprayed, genetically altered, and God knows what else.  We can pick up a sweet potato at the local Harris Teeter and hope for the best—but who knows.  You can buy your grass fed beef, but did you sit there and watch the cow eat the green grass?  Seriously, we are ALL at the mercy of someone else and that’s what makes everything so controversial and downright scary for some.

Plus, let me reitterate how important it is to break our old habits and form new ones.  For me, ViSalus is making my life a little more simple (especially since I have a partner who is EXTREMELY picky food-wise).  I like that I can manage my day better, not having to make 6 meals a day.  I like that I can form a habit and make it sustainable.  Is it for everybody? No–nothing in life we do is for the next person.  So—with that said, I still buy my whole foods for snacks and for dinner.  I buy my nuts, my fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, and so forth.

There are tons of opinions out there ya’ll—and Body by Vi or nada, you just have to go with what works for you.  I will also never promote this to you as being so low in calories (90 calories/serving) because I believe our body needs fuel and needs calories.  For me; however, it was a pretty even washout, because by the time I add my fruit, peanut butter and almond milk, etc—my shake is usually around 200+ calories. Which brings me to another point—-I don’t add these foods as “fillers” or to mask a taste.  I add them because they are whole foods, that I already buy, that create awesome tasting shakes, and again, raise the calorie count.  I do not believe in starving ourselves to lose weight. You can drink a yummy shake (IMO) worth around 200 or so calories or eat something else.  At the end of the day, it’s still calories in vs. calories out and excercise.  So, do I know every little detail about the science behind Vi?  Nope—and I never will.  Same as how I will never comprehend the label of every other food known to man nor if my soy has actually been fermented or if the beef has actually been produced from cows eating grass.

I choose to do what makes my life as simple as I can, while getting what I believe to be solid nutrition, especially considering alternatives. Again, I am not an expert (nor are many of us).  We are all different and who knows if my Splenda is hurting me moreso than natural sugar is hurting you.  In short, there are possible negative side effects to EVERYTHING.  We cannot live in a bubble and stand clear and protected.

Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into my ViSalus endeavor instead of just seeing the yummy recipes.  I believe in whole foods, I believe in exercise, and I believe in ViSalus.   And I believe in doing what will keep you happy and satisfied.


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