Life in my 30's

Shaved Head for Hungry Children

Day After my 50 pound loss!

So, a great friend of mine from college helped plant this lil idea in my head as she joined forces with a cancer project—shaving her head for donations earned for cancer research.

So, I’ve had a dream for the last several months to help feed hungry kids—-and I wanted to start my own soup kitchen, but I will admit—-there is a LOT to do and I just found myself lost in all of it.

Since joining ViSalus—-one of the aspects I really liked about them is their community challenge—-feeding hungry children in America for only $24.

Read more here:

If I can get 21 people to donate $24 towards our community challenge AND 6 people to sign up for their OWN kit to transform their lives—–I will shave my head!

Ahhh—and those who know me, know this isn’t a —-ahhh, I don’t care thing. I actually love my thick natural red hair—it’s been a constant love through my weightloss. You know—how we all love that one thing about ourselves regardless or how disgusted we might get with everything else? Yeah, that’s my hair so—–this is a pretty big deal.

But, I know this is for a good cause—and I think of my sister and children who suffered through cancer and ultimately had no choice in the loss of their hair so—-it’s all good! Go BIG or go home!

I do NOT earn anything (kickbacks, rewards, vacay, free gifts, etc) from your donation to our Community Challenge.

Spread the love and the food! Donate today!


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