Life in my 30's

Life of Prosperity

I have a wonderful job!  I am now embracing ViSalus life baby!  Growing up fat my entire life, living amongst a family plagued by obesity and numerous health issues- I started my journey to lose weight and get healthy in April 2011.  Last Tuesday, July 31st was my 50 pound loss day!  It was such an exciting day, one- because of hitting my 50 pound goal (1/2 way to 100 pounds) and two, because I made the decision to make not only my health a continuous priority, but to help others along the way.

I am so excited to partner with ViSalus 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge.  It is a chance to enrich my life as well as others.  My mom is 67 years old, a dialysis patient on kidney dialysis 3 times a week, and she has joined the challenge (approved through her nutritionist) which makes me incredibly ecstatic!  You know, most of those “cure-all” products out there could harm the healthiest person, much less a fragile system such as my moms.  Well, no more!  ViSalus is packed full of nutrition—and I can personally say that the shakes are YUMMY!  There are so many recipes, and I feel like I’m actually cheating—-they TASTE that GOOD!  I seriously wonder how my shakes can be so healthy, so versatile, and so yummy all at the same time.  

Also, some people think it’s a cop-out to drink a shake, and want to do it “the old-fashioned” way.  To that I say—-there is nothing wrong with the “old-fashined way,” but with our foods being constantly depleted of their natural nutrients—that is one serious problem with getting the nutrition our bodies need “the old-fashioned way.”  Also, think about it—even the most perfect eaters out there have issues with trying to keep their diet balanced.  You can read all about macro-nutrients, you can calorie count, and you can follow a “plan” such as Weight Watchers or Atkins, but it is near impossible to give our bodies ALL of the nutrients they need—-and I find this especially true for those just starting to change their lifestyle.

ViSalus is not a “cure-all.”  There is no such thing!  You can have gastric bypass—still not a cure.  Besides—many people are scared to death of surgery.  What ViSalus can do is get you on the right path.  I’m sure you all know—once you see that weight coming off or your friends/family/spouse start to see it—-you’re like, Man—I GOT This!  Why do you think we are sold on results?  I mean, of course we are!  We need the satisfaction of the outcome.  Our bodies NEED the result! ViSalus will get you there whether you have 20 pounds, 100 pounds, need lean muscle, need to maintain or gain weight, need extra fuel for that 5k marathon, and so much more.

Versatility—-another great thing behind the science.  As well as being gluten free, lactose free, and being available is kosher—ViSalus is composed of 3 different types of protein.  That’s why you see so many different “types” of people benefiting from ViSalus.

And back to doing things the “old-fashioned way.”  Whatever your definition of that is—-yes, you still need to exercise.  Exercise is vital to building muscle, which of course we know burns fat.  It also gets our hearts ticking, strengthening its muscles and pumping blood through our bodies.  And, as a past sufferer of depression, I can say first hand that exercise will, not to sound cliche—will “PUMP YOU UP!”  Seriously, it’s the same as seeing the fat shed off our bodies.  We are human—we all want to feel good about ourselves and see positive light in our lives.  To empower ourselves—priceless!  So yes—get out there and exercise.  Your body will thank you in numerous ways.  And just because you’re drinking shakes—again, it doesn’t make you any less of a success.  You are GIVING yourself NUTRIENTS.  Period.  You still have to eat healthy snacks, and a balanced dinner.

So, if you’re anything like me—once you feel the empowerment flowing through every fiber—you WANT to research healthy meals for your family, you DESIRE to hit that Cardio Craze class, you can’t WAIT to get some new gym shoes.  It’s called reward—and YOU deserve it!!

So who is up for the Challenge?

Do me a favor—check out my website:

There are no pop-ups asking you to buy anything—just a 5-6 minute video giving you a little intro into Body by Vi, the different kits available, and how we continue to reward YOU!

I hope that if you made it this far in my blog, you will take your life, access where you are, and say to yourself: I can be even more!  And you can—I never used to think I could.   I was depressed, out of work, struggling to get food into the house—and just at a complete loss as to what to do with myself.  You ARE worth it!

What do you have to lose?

I personally lost a lot of crap I no longer wanted, and gained a life of prosperity!



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