Life in my 30's

90 day Challenge

So—-I’m 2.5 pounds away from hitting my 50 pound loss!  I am so friggin excited, ya’ll!  AND, I will then be under 200#.  Holy canoly, it seems like I’ve been above 200 all my life.  I lost weight ONE other time in my life and it was great, but I still wasn’t active, and being self-reliant upon my health, researching, pro-active—nada!  I have really gotten my feet wet this go around, because I haven’t stopped at anything.

I am going to start training for my first EVER fitness escapade, and what did I chose?  A half triathalon!  That’s right—I like to get her done big!  Just leave the extra baggage off my body :0

I’m also VERY excited to start a new 90 day challenge Body by Vi style.  I am so ready to stop doubting my instincts, and my dreams, aspirations, and self-esteem.  It’s time for me to stop being ok with mediocrity and become EVERYTHING I want to be.  My challenge party is tomorrow night and I can’t wait for my friends to taste these yummy shakes, have a good time, and salute to making themselves a priority.

I don’t have the exact amount, but I was reading a Visalus magazine the other day, that in 2008 we spent ~$147 billion dollars on health issues directly related to obesity.  That is just crazy!  And, 2008, guys!  I can believe it!  One of the reasons getting healthy started to trickle down—even though it was in a negative/low self-worth, don’t feel like dealing with the crap kind-of-way, is because of mom—-I’ve never known her healthy.  She’s now on dialysis 3 x’s a week—and it’s just sad and scary.  I wish that she had that “something” or “someone” in her life that made her feel totally worth it!!!  She is everything to me!  I’m going to be giving her nutritionist over at dialysis a bag of Vi shake mix to see if it’s fine for my mom to consume.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely full of nutrition, but my mom has to battle “odd” things that most people don’t like phosphorus and potassium.  I really want her to enjoy life to the fullest extent she can.  Getting some of that weight off her heart and joints and hoping for more mobility as well.  She always used to say (when I wasn’t caring for myself), “You don’t want to end up like me- test your sugar, take your medicine.”  Fact is—I don’t want to end up like her—healthwise I mean—-but when you love someone, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish where to draw the line—-you love them so much, and want to emulate them—but to deny yourself the trend of obesity—as awful as it sounds, sometimes I feel like—what a shame, to turn from that “family trend.”  Does that make any sense?

Now that I’m thinking back to Saturday, my friend and Visalus coach Lisa shared an inspirational youtube video with me.  Look up Eric Rose on Youtube.  No, I’ve not been 500,600 + pounds—but obesity is obesity.  The scars run deep, the stigma, and I was just thinking of how he used to be a hermit in his home, never wanting to go out and after Visalus, he found himself sitting there, like—-what to do, where can I go, let’s get out of here!  Totally how I am now—you can thank me for this post due to a new high energy! 🙂

Well, I never proclaimed to not be scatterbrained so I guess I’m gonna peace out for a little while.  My daughter, Summer is gathering all of her babies up.  Gotta get dinner started here in a few , gather up library books, clean the house for the party—you get the picture.

For those interested, here is a before and “Still Working” pic—-the later pic is about 2-3 weeks old, and I’ve dropped another 9 pounds since then.


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